Metabolomics Society Early Career Prize and Travel Awards Scheme

The Metabolomics Society Early Career Awards recognise outstanding academic achievement.

Early career researchers* can apply for one of ten Metabolomics Society Early Career Travel Awards to support their attendance at the Metabolomics Society annual conference. If successful they are then eligible to compete for the Metabolomics Society Early Career Prize, awarded to the best early career presentation.

*Eligibility, applicants must be:
- Within 5 years of obtaining highest degree.
- A member of the Metabolomics Society continuously for at least 3 months prior to the conference.
- Registered for the conference and attend in person.
- Not eligible for the Metabolomics Society Student Travel Awards

Student and Early Career abstracts that are submitted for travel awards will be reviewed by the Conference and Training Committee. To apply please see the conference website.

Metabolomics Society 2017 Early Career Award Winners

  • Maike Aurich, LCSB, Université du Luxembourg
  • Dara Daygon, The University of Queensland
  • Christopher Depner, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Helena Gibbons, University College Dublin
  • Rachel Kelly, Harvard Medical School
  • Julia Kuligowski, Health Research Institute La Fe
  • Raluca Maltesen, Aalborg University Hospital
  • Jan Stanstrup, Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen
  • Umaporn Uawisetwathana, National Center Genetic Engineering & Biotech
  • Candice Ulmer, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Metabolomics Society 2016 Early Career Award Winners

  • Andrew Palmer, EMBL
  • Jonathan Mosley, US Environmental Protection Agency
  • Zoe Hall, US Environmental Protection Agency
  • Christian Hellmuth, LMU Munich
  • Agnieszka Smolinska, Maastricht University
  • Lena Fragner, University of Vienna
  • Clare Scott Chialvo, University of Alabama
  • Rosa Vázquez-Fresno, University of Alberta
  • Morgan Cichon, The Ohio State University
  • Rachel Kelly, Brigham and Women's Hospital Harvard Medical School

Metabolomics Society 2015 Early Career Award Winners

  • Ralf Weber, University of Birmingham
  • Stacey Reinke, Karolinska Institutet
  • Elodie Jobard, Centre de RMN à Trés Hauts Champs de Lyon
  • Markus Keller
  • San-Yuan Wang
  • Anna Halama, Weil Cornell Medical College, Qatar
  • Andrew Palmer, European Molecular Biology Laboratory
  • Weidong Zhang
  • Jan Stanstrup, Fondazione Edmund Mach
  • Venea Dara, Daygon University of Queensland